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Spitzer, Nicholas

Jack, Katharine Ph D, MA

Henry, Donata Ph D

Karubian, Jordan Ph D, MS

Zawacki, Corinne Ph D

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    I am interested in the ecological and evolutionary processes that generate and sustain biodiversity, and how an understanding of these processes can be applied toward the conservation of amphibians. My research explores both micro- and macro-evolutionary patterns of variation and spans a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. The questions I ask address (1) the effects of landscape heterogeneity, geographic history, and climate change on patterns of genetic variation, (2) the tempo and mode by which pre- and post-mating isolation evolve among incipient species, (3) the contributions of selection and genetic drift to the evolution and maintenance of phenotypic variation, and (4) the role of environmental and phenotypic heterogeneity in shaping the outcomes of host-pathogen interactions. 

Van Bael, Sunshine Ph.D.