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Holliday, Trenton Ph D, MA

Dunlop, Anne Ph D, MA

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    Books: Painted Palaces: The Rise of Secular Art in Early Renaissance Italy (Penn State University Press, 2009). 328 pp, 200 colour and b&w plates. Art and the Augustinian Order in Early-Renaissance Italy, eds. Louise Bourdua and Anne Dunlop (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2007). 230 pp, 69 b&w plates. The Matter of Art: Materials, Technologies, Meanings, edited with Christy Anderson and Pamela Smith, Columbia University (Manchester University Press, in press). Research in Progress: Eurasian Exchange and Artistic Change in Italy, c. 1250-1450 This book project examines the development of European painting in relation to new materials and contacts with Asia and Africa after the Mongol conquests. Andrea del Castagno and the Limits of Painting (under press review) This book project uses the linking of violence and artistic invention in the painting of Andrea del Castagno (c. 1419-1457) to explore the practice of art in mid-fifteenth-century Florence.

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