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Klingler, Thomas Ph D, MA, MA

Spitzer, Nicholas

Kuczynski, Michael Ph D, MA

Moll, Patience

Bidima, Jean Ph D, MA

Leduc, Natali Ph D, MA, BA

Ramazani, Vaheed Ph D, MA

Reuber, Alexandra Ph D, MA

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    - English, French, and German language, literature, and culture - Late 18th, 19th, and 20th century English, French, and German literature - Development of the gothic and fantastic tradition in literature and film - The illustration and elaboration of the question of identity in literature - Psychoanalysis and psychoanalytical approaches to fiction - Reader-Response-Theory - film adaptation - literacy development - foreign language pedagogy

Sojic, Annette Ph D, MA, MA

Pinzino, Jane Marie PhD