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Du, Shanshan Ph D, MA

Maxwell, Judith Ph D, MA

Mora, Mariana

George, Lisa Ph D, MA

Chang, Kai-man Ph D, MA

Luongo, F. Thomas Ph D, MA

Lewis, Judith Ph D

Elmwood, Victoria Ph D, MA

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    Her research interests include life writing, gender studies, and 20th century American literature and culture. She has also published work on graphic novels, film, and Cold War literature. She is currently developing her book project for publication.

, Amy

Oldenburg, Scott Ph D, MA

Rothenberg, Molly Ph D, MA

Smith, Felipe Ph D, MA

Travis, Molly Ph D, MA

Cranford, Richard Ph D

Ramazani, Vaheed Ph D, MA

Hans, Anjeana Ph D, MA

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    My dissertation, �Defining Desires: Homosexual Identity and German Discourse 1900-1933,� examined sexual and gender identity by tracing its cultural and discursive construction in German culture and literature from the beginning of the 20th century. I am currently reworking this project, framing my discussion of depictions of homosexuality within a theoretical reading that suggests that such identity categories come to function as tropes of other types of difference. My current research examines the manner in which horror films of the Weimar period symbolically represent the trauma of war and modernity. As part of the two book-projects associated with these continuing research interests, I have articles forthcoming which engage with both.

Clark, Emily Ph D

Yeager, Gertrude Ph D

Acosta, Katie Ph D

Adams, Michele Ph D, MA

Brayfield, April Ph D, MA