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Canuto, Marcello Ph D

Jack, Katharine Ph D, MA

Bazzano-Nelson, Florencia Ph D, MA

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    My main area of research is the history of art criticism from and about Latin America, especially the writings of Argentine Colombian art critic Marta Traba and the development of her practice in reference to Colombia and Latin America from the postwar period to the 1970s. Another important area of concern in my research has been the work of Latin American and Latino contemporary artists, in particular Argentine-born artist Liliana Porter, who has been active in New York since the 1960s. I am developing a third area of concern in contemporary art and art criticism in Latin/o American art with a special focus on environmental /ecological art.

Boone, Elizabeth Ph D, MA

Foa, Michelle Ph D, MA

Butler, Margaret Ph D

Kehoe, Dennis MA, Ph D

Balides, Constance Ph D, MA

Blue, Mary Ph D, MA

Raymundo, J. Ph D

Luongo, F. Thomas Ph D, MA

Fleury, Bruce Ph D, MS, MA

Bernstein, Michael Ph D, MA

Hornby, Louise Ph D

Sponenberg, Ashlie Ph D, MA

Falaky, Faycal Ph D

McCarren, Felicia Ph D, MA

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    I am a cultural historian and performance theorist, trained in comparative literature and theory. My three books focus on the history of dance performance, and the medical, industrial and political thinking about bodies--especially female-- that mark modernity. Published works include Dance Pathologies; Performance, Poetics, Medicine (1998); Dancing Machines: Choreographies of the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (2003) both from Stanford University Press; and French Moves; The Cultural Politics of le hip hop (Oxford University Press, 2013), winner of the De la Torre Bueno Prize (awarded by the SDHS) and Outstanding Publication of the Year (awarded by CORD) in 2014. Other publications focus on performance history and theory, visual culture and theory of the image (including cinema), history of technology, Morocco and islam in Europe. For research in this last field, I received an NEH Summer Stipend in 2011 for research at the CCM (Centre Cinematographique Marocain) in Rabat, and Lurcy Grants for research at the CNC (Centre National de Cinema) in Paris.

Brumfield, William Ph D

Boyden, James Ph D, MA

Harl, Kenneth Ph D, MA, MPH

Lipman, Jana Ph D, MA

Pollock, Linda Ph D, MA

Powell, Lawrence Ph D

Sahin, Ibrahim Ph D, MA

Schafer, Judith Ph D, MA

Schroeder, Susan Ph D

Sparks, Randy Ph D

Raeburn, Bruce Ph D, MA

Rylance, Keli Ph D, MA

Fuchs, Ilan Ph D, LLM

Charles, John Ph D

Davila, Roxanne Ph D

Reese, Thomas Ph D, MA

Denham, Alison D.Phil

Doheny, John

Jensen, Joan MFA

Meredith, Christopher MA

Stoner, Samuel BA

Thompson, Martyn Ph D

Remer, Gary Ph D, MA

Zartner, Dana Ph D, JD, LLM, MA

Dangler, C. Jean Ph D, MA

Sullivan, Henry

Fitzmorris, James Ph D

Hayley, Barbara MFA