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Dunn, Christopher Ph D

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Garcia, Guadalupe Ph D, MA

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    Guadalupe García specializes in Latin American colonial history with an emphasis on Cuba and the Spanish Atlantic worlds. Her research interests include colonial cities and subjects, port cities, border spaces, and contemporary social movements and revolution. She is currently revising her first book manuscript, tentatively entitled “Beyond the Walled City: Race and Exclusion in Colonial Havana.” The manuscript explores how colonial Havana was imagined, planned and developed from its sixteenth-century origins onward. It highlights how local, political conflicts over urban space reveal racial conflicts and Caribbean uncertainties and aims to illustrate the importance of colonial ideologies in the production of urban space and the centrality of race and racial exclusion as an organizing ideology of urban life in the Americas. The manuscript connects colonial urban practices to contemporary debates on urbanization, the policing of public spaces, and the urban dislocation of black and ethnic populations in the Americas. García is also working on a collaborative book project currently in the early research stages. The project explores the popular consumption of socialist revolutions and the ways in which public, visual representations of revolutionary movements imagine and respond to issues of mass tourism and globalization. The project’s focus on post-1959 Cuba brings together García’s interests in Cuba, revolution, and globalization.

Powell, Lawrence Ph D

Wolfe, Justin Ph D, MA